• mOss

(PART 3)

Now that Keith has stopped the music from playing and stopped Lenny the Lion he decides to look for Tom. From what he can recall he was headed for the Electrics Room in the back of the warehouse. The player can now decide to explore the rest of the Main Area / Party Room / Toilets/ Managers Office and Lions Den or they can make their way to the Tunnel Corridor to look for Tom. Keith enters the Mirror Room.The Mirror Room was originally created to confuse the children and give them a great experience by using illusions and reflections. The room has been untouched for years so everything is old and broken, it was unfinished.

The player will see different types of reflections which will throw them off. There will be a puzzle-based intricate blueprint system in place for the Mirror Room. The mirrors will be set-up in such a way that the player will be confused/scared. There is a teleport volume inside one of the mirrors so the player will be tricked into going into the larger space that the teleport leads to, prolonging the player's experience. This will be the player 'tripping out' from the effects of the drugs Keith took earlier in combination to the current stress he's under.Once the player goes into the alley the music will begin to play in the Main Area again but the NPC's range of movement is limited to the Main Area only. It will not follow the player through the Tunnel Corridor, if the player returns to the Main Area then the NPC will wait at the opening of the Tunnel for a while then it will leave and search for you elsewhere.


If the player found the 'Gate Key' in the Managers Office then they can open the gate that leads to the Cafe and the Bins.-If the player found the 'Bin Key' in the Party Room then they can open the locked bin.

LOCKED BIN: Inside this bin is human remains/burned papers and electric wires

UNLOCKED BIN: Inside this bin is ??? Weapon?

-The player now has access to the Cafe. It is disgusting with filthy appliances. Inside the fridge is alcohol to calm nerves.

Once through the alley the player is now faced with the Food Storage room and the Janitors Office. The door to the Food Storage has been bashed down (by Leon) and the coldness is seeping out. There's a trail of blood which leads to the back of the storage room and that's where you discover Tom's severed arm. Keith gets closer and sees Tom's tattoo on the arm and is in disbelief that it belongs to his friend. He falls down.


/Thirdperson Perspective/ The camera shows Keith walking around the shelf from the ground.

KEITH: Shit!! oh my god... no please... Tom....

Half of him doesn't believe it despite the solid proof, he reaches out for Tom's arm.

Keith gets up with a stumble. He stands staring at the floor in a daze.


Keith continues searching. The door to the Janitor's Office is wide open. The player enters the room. The player can look around the Janitor's Office, once they enter the trigger volume around the door for the Electrics Room, the cutscene will begin.